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After Working Out For Months With A Personal Trainer And Not Seeing Results, I Came To The SuperFit Body Boot Camp And Built My Dream Body

I have tried expensive personal trainers in the past but my results don't compare to the ones I got at SuperFit Body Boot Camp! I lost 9 stubborn pounds that just wouldn't go away and defined my arms and legs.

If you want to get tight and toned fast, SuperFit Body Boot Camp is the place to be. I also want to add that the trainers here are amazing. They keep you motivated and make you feel like you can do more than you ever thought you could.

I'm LOVING my FIT BODY! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Francesca B.

After Being Stuck In A Rut, Matthew Lost 4% Body Fat And Increased Muscle In His Chest And Arms In Only 4 Weeks

I was stuck in a rut and I could not get my abs to come out. After just 4 weeks with SuperFit Body Boot Camp my muscles got fuller and more defined all over and my abs are really starting to finally come in. I recommend anyone who wants to take their body to the next level to try one of these workouts. Just one time and you'll see why SuperFit Body Boot Camp is the best!

Matt L.

After 4 Kids, Monica Got Her Figure Back

After having 4 kids of course I was worried that I would never get my body back. SuperFit Body Boot Camp has been truly amazing. Every week the fat just keeps dropping, dropping, dropping right off and the scale keeps going down. Thank you SuperFit Body Boot Camp, I couldn't haven done it without you!

Veronica P.

61 Year Old Melts Fat And Gets Toned

I don't think I would of made it if it weren't for SuperFit Body Boot Camp...I was in a very BIG body and had no energy and felt bad about my self image...and I didn't even know it. My daughter drove me crazy... "You've got to go mom... They are wonderful and will help you get into shape" ...and then I finally did.. I knew the moment I got there that it was the right place. I have lost all of the weight as you can tell from my pictures...A lot. I lost 92.5 in these photo's. I thought I was over the fun part of life until I got myself healthy and strong...and that was after a two year downer with menopause... yes I am 61...and look how great I look. You too can have this...make an appointment and see for yourself. It only takes one visit...and you will see if this is a fit for sure has changed my life. I have looked and felt good for five years and have kept all the weight off. For my sixty second birthday I am giving can have it all. Oh by the way... It only took 7 months to take off the weight...

Anastasia S.

Sheds 92 Pounds In 7 Months

I lost 92 pounds with the SuperFit Body Boot Camp. I thought I was never going to lose the weight. I had practically given up. I was so discouraged. I tried diets, workout videos and personal training yet nothing seemed to work. Since starting SuperFit Body Boot Camp, I feel like a completely new women. I'm confidant happy, and now I have a great love life too! Thank you sooo much, you changed my life!


Our formula

The perfect fusion of cardio, resistance, and core training all rolled into 30 each 30 minute session


It's been recently discovered and proven that doing cardio in combination with resistance training has a synergistic effect that provides far greater results than just doing cardio alone. In other words, just running on a treadmill or doing the elliptical doesn't cut it, you get about 50% more fat burning with our perfect combination of resistance and cardio.

Resistance Training

The fastest way to build lean toned muscle is through a combination of both body weight and weighted resistance training. Each pound of fat that you replace with muscle burns 50 calories a day. Replacing 10 pounds of fat with ten pounds of muscle allows you to burn an extra 500 calories per day which translates to dropping at least a pound of fat each week.

Battling ropes

You may have seen The Biggest Loser contestants sizzling fat away using Battling Ropes. After just 15 seconds you will know why battling ropes have quickly become one of the most powerful secret weapons for toning your arms and core.

TRX Suspension Training Core training

Suspension Training bodyweight exercise is designed to intentionally displace your center of gravity, activating the core muscles during every exercise to stabilize and balance the body. Pulling exercises allows you to train all of the muscles involved in pulling (back, biceps, rear delts, traps, forearms, hamstrings) together at once, so you're really lighting up your entire posterior chain – This is a body shredding combo that's hard to beat it!

Plyometric training

Plyometrics is also knows as plyos, and is a specific type of exercise that consists of fast, powerful movements that improves the way the nervous system works. Plyos also improve sports performance, overall health and endurance. Remember how it felt to be a agile kid on a playground – Well get ready to start feeling like a kid again.

30 Minute Workouts

30 minute workouts are less intimidating and fit into your busy schedule better that longer workouts – They are also a heck of a lot more fun. Our secret is being ridicules efficient by fusion the perfect blend of resistance, cardio and core and abs loaded all into one fat melting body toning workout. And let’s just face it, we have 1440 minutes in a day, we can all squeeze in 30 minutes a few times a week to feel better, healthier and sexier. Our expert trainers will make you work, sweat and laugh so much that 30 minutes flies right on by.

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Lost 19 Pounds And 3.2 Inches In 30 Days

In 30 days SuperFit Body Boot Camp My Helped Me Lose 19 Pounds And 3.2 Inches Off My Waist. When I told my friends I was going to a boot camp they laughed at me. They said I would never lose weight because I eat too much and I'm lazy. It's been 30 days and they're not laughing anymore. I can't wait to see the results I get after another 30 days!

Kev N.

40 Pounds In Three Months

The Inches Came Off So Fast! I was so nervous at first. I felt like everyone would be looking at me and thinking what is she doing here. But I couldn't be more wrong. Everyone at the SuperFit Body Boot Camp made me feel right at home. The Energy is so positive and the people are so nice. I'm 40lbs down and feel like a new woman! Let me tell you, I have tried Personal Training, diets, classes, videos, starving –EVERYTHING, but nothing compares to SuperFit Body Boot Camp. I never thought I could ever get my body back!

Stephanie C.

The Fat Literally Melted Off

My husband worked out with me the other day for the first time since joining SuperFit Body Boot Camp. It made me feel so good that he couldn't keep up with me. I run circles around him now, LITERALLY! The funny part is that he hired a very expensive Personal Trainer at a big fancy gym and hasn't had nearly the results that I've got. I love SuperFit Body Boot Camp!

Lisa P.

Lost 7 Pounds In 2 Weeks!

I am an avid fitness person and I go to the gym at least 5 days a week. When my friend told me about SuperFit Body Boot Camp I totally jumped on board to try it out. 30 minute workouts that combine cardio and strength training, I fell in love. Now I do back to back sessions because I can't get enough. My body is more toned then it's ever been and because of that I am eating healthier and feel better about myself. I love the team of trainers also.

Thank you SuperFit Body Boot Camp!!!! You've changed my life.

Nancy A.

I Lost 7 pounds In 5 Days!

When I was told about SuperFit Body Boot Camp I was really ready to make a change, I work at the beach and summer is just around the corner so I thought I am going to do this. I did my first 3 workouts in 4 days and I was sure I found something that would finally get me in the shape I've always dreamed of. I lost 7 POUNDS IN 5 Days and I keep getting leaner.

Thank you SuperFit Body Boot Camp. The best 30 minute workout I've ever done and the results are the best I've ever had!

Cynthia W.

Lost 8 Pounds In 3 Weeks!

I have been a member of a 24 hour fitness forever and go there at least 3-4 days a week. Working out is really important to me as It helps keep me motivated and happy. But with that much time at the gym you would like I would see incredible results, we'll I wasn't. When I signed on for the 28 day fat burn meltdown I was shocked at the results. This is what I was waiting for. I lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks and I'm totally addicted. I love SuperFit Body Boot Camp and now all my friends workout with me.

Thank you guys!!! I miss you when I'm not there!

Tara O.

The BEST Decision I Have Ever Made.

I have been working out w Cale Godwin (owner of SuperFit Body Boot Camp) for a few months now. In the short time spent training with him, my life has changed beyond what I could possibly imagine for myself both mentally and physically. He has taught me to love working out and most importantly love MYSELF. He is passionate about fitness and helping people achieve their optimal health goals.

Signing up for SuperFit Body Boot Camp was the BEST decision I have ever made. SuperFit Body Boot Camp has made me realize that physically I can achieve anything with a little push/support! The trainers at SuperFit Body Boot Camp are Phenomenal. I get my butt kicked every single time and I LOVE IT. Thank you guys!!! I miss you when I'm not there!

Lana R.

Lost 8 pounds In 2 1/2 Weeks!

I started doing SuperFit Body Boot Camp a month ago, and I am just amazed by the results! In the first 2 1/2 weeks I lost 8lbs! I haven't seen a change in my body like this in 4 years. I didn't think that 30 minutes of training would give me the results I'm seeing. The trainers are absolutely AMAZING, they get to know you on a personal level and are always encouraging and supportive.

The facility is exceptional, the atmosphere and vibe are nothing but positive and FUN (which is key)! Not only do you get the physical aspect of training, you also get nutritional consultation that is designed for each persons lifestyle and needs!!! I can't say enough or get enough of it. It's beginning to be my second family. I have not felt this healthy or fit in years, and it's all due to SuperFit Body Boot Camp.

I recommend it for everyone. You can't put a price tag on health and fitness, it is more than worth it!!!! I was away on vacation and just got back today and can't wait to go tomorrow morning!!! That's how amazing it is. I am never as motivated to go to the gym as I am to go to SuperFit Body Boot Camp!! It truly is an "Unstoppable Fitness Formula". I've promised all my friends that have joined they will see results, and every single one of them has and LOVE it just as much as me!!!

Diana N.

I'm In The Best Shape Of My Life!

I was at a dead end. After 20 years of running, injuries stopped me in my tracks! Two years of physical therapy and I still couldn't run without pain! I have to try something new. My doctor told me to start back with strength training. So I joined SuperFit Body, and now my injuries are gone and I'm in the best shape of my life! I am back to running and enjoying a new body and more energy!

Sandra Lysette, Nurse and SuperFit Body Hottie!

The Most Fun Way To Get Fit!

  • Fat Loss – Start melting fat in just days not months
  • Body Toning - Feel lean, tight and toned all over
  • Increased Stamina – Have sustained energy throughout your busy day
  • Take Control – Live the life you want in the body you want starting now
  • Gain Confidence – Your cloths with fit better, you'll friends will complement you and your self confidence will skyrocket.
  • Have Fun – You're going to work, sweat and laugh your way into the best shape of your life...Having fun is the key to sticking with it and getting lasting results.

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